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Keep your body in healthy balance with safe and natural rules and recommendations.
1. Drink enough Water* 1. Try to Drink purified or filtered water
2. Eat Breakfast with more good protein** 2. SynerProtein Originalg (here) or SynerProtein Chocolate flavor (here)
3. Control/Reduce Carbo Hydrate eating  3. Carbo Grabbers (here) a natural extract to reduce carb absorption.
4. Control/Reduce Fat eating 4. Omega3 or Flaxseeds and/or Fat Grabbers (here) to reduce fat absorption.
5. Eat at regular times & never after diner 5. i.e.7-8am; 1-2pm; 6-6:30am. After 7pm and until bed time only water with prescribed Medication or Probiotics (here)
Approx. 60% of our body is water (Medical Pshycology, Guyton, Arthur C,)  read more **In Greek proteios means first. Our bodies are designed to have protein first for they are substance of life.(Organic Chemistry, Morrison&Boyd)
– To Helps to maintain a healthy thyroid gland use: wanderful source of iodine and trace minerals Kelp&Hops Combination UK EU.
– If you are OVERWEIGHT or simply like to start healthy living you can start by using:    Healthy Starter Pack+: UK,  EU or   Healthy Starter+ Programme: UKEU

Do we need to cleanse or detox our bodies?

We do spring cleaning in and around our house. We do the same with our cars. We change water or air filters regularly. We wash ourselves and change clothes. So what about a little care towards inside of ourselves and do we need it?

Well, in general If you feeling Heavy, Stuffy, Congested or Sluggish, Work in Polluted Environment then you are in need for regular cleaning of 2x per year or even monthly.
Fasting for a day or two per week with prayers or meditations is often long standing practice and will not do any harm to a healthy person. It will actually help you calm down and take a break from bad habits.
Detox diets often involve severe caloric restrictions. Some of these diets focus on fresh products and whole grains, since others drastically limit the foods you eat. Such limiting diets can lead to nutrient deficiencies, blood-sugar problems, severe diarrhea, nausea, and fatigue.
So good package of products should satisfy following:
  • – to be used along side normal healthy diet,
  • – sooth digestive system and efficiently help you get rid of accumulated waste,
  • – revitalize and nourish the liver and
  • – help the body maintain healthy circulatory system.
  • Healthy Starter  10
It is not so easy to find products to satisfy mentioned requirements but Nature’s Sunshine Healthy Starter Pack+ is package who successfully meet mentioned requirements. It is a highly effective ten day cleanse programme designed to be taken alongside a normal healthy diet providing natural herb supplements and comes in handy little cellophane packs that fit easily into your pocket or handbag. If you are in UK or EU you ca buy & read more here: Healthy Starter Pack+: UK,  EU or  Healthy Starter+ Programme: UKEU

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